He Had Internal Anchors

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He Had Internal Anchors


Sometimes I feel sorry for celebrities. Despite all the glitz and glamour of their lives they are really prisoners in a gilded cage.  Think about it.  They cant just go to the grocery store without some paparazzi capturing them or being described in a gossip rag as having worn slippers and blue jeans along with a black hoodie as they stroll the aisles.  Some of them have to hire security guards as friends to accompany them to their destination.  They might wake up to find a stalker who slipped through the security system now calmly eating peanut butter out of their refrigerator.  And all their money cannot rebuy the freedom of anonymity they once had.  

Another observation I have is that they usually make their money by being someone else, playing a person other than themselves, reading scripts that someone else wrote, always searching for the next role.   And further, if you fell in love with somebody who acts for a living how would you know they are sincere?  Yes yes.  They seem to have it all on the outside...but what and where is the source of their freedomtheir centered ness?  Even Justin Bieber wrote a yodeling song about being so lonely in the midst of having it all.

One of the phenomena of our modern age is the sudden wealth the very young among us can suddenly acquire through means that did not exist even a few years ago.  YouTubers are multimillionaires.  Twenty year olds create their own currency, taking their friends for a wild ride on Wall Street.  The grey haired among us see a sudden flash and ask What was that?as wealth that used to take decades or centuries to accumulate is suddenly at the fingertips of people who are not even old enough to drink.

When everything suddenly becomes available to you, how do you stay centered?  How do you know true North when your compass is spinning like a top because the magnetic poles have shifted, have become almost meaningless in this new world?  Maslows hierarchy of needs seemed to imply a steady progression from survival needs being met until self actualization occurred at the top, usually accompanied by the wisdom of old age. Not so anymore.

Who is teaching us/them to have internal anchors?  Jesus saw this problem even thousands of years ago.  He saw people measuring themselves against their number of likes, even back then. He asked Why do you seek after peoples approval but do not seek the approval that comes from only God?He was an effective leader because he had internal anchors.  He did not get his approval from external mechanisms.  His actions were not based on what Peter, James, John or Mary thought.  He didnt come unglued when his cousin John the Baptist began to doubt him.  He didnt care whether Caesar smiled or frowned.

He knew where he came from and where he was going.  He knew Whose he was, and Who he was, and what he came here to do.  That is how one finds and stays true to an internal anchor.  When you have that, it doesnt matter if storms come and the wind and seas rage.  You will not be lost.  Because you have found yourself, in being Found.  And you know in your heart of hearts that Someone much higher than you, knows exactly where you are.

He had internal anchors.   What are yours?

LBJ ~ Live. Breathe. Joy.


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