How Simple

edges full moon simple wings

How Simple

How simple to be a feathered thing

Poised effortlessly on a tender twig

Head tilted to hear the invisible wind

Sensing you your next direction.

How heavy to be a consumer-ed thing

Weighted down with many possessions

Each single one rasping out your name

Hammered syllables encircling ankles.

I believe that once we all had wings

Our shoulder blades there to support them

But one by one we plucked them out

Once evil introduced us to Envy.


I dont know about all that anymore

I feel lighter each day that passes.

Last night a golden full moon smiled

As I walked along swirling waters.


And I knew then what every bird knows

That both food and flight are found at the



And We have within us every instinct we need

To find our new directions

Lightness of being with half lifted wings

The only possession


Laurie Beth ~