Jesus, Aftercare

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I just came off of an exhilarating 20 mile bike ride against 12 mph winds.  If I were a racehorse, I would be snorting and dancing and sweating profusely.  And no trainers in their right minds would just lead me to a stall and put me up until the next race. Indeed, the aftercare of a racehorse is as important as the pre-care of these magnificent creatures.

There is a saying in Texas That horse looks like hes been run hard and put away wet.Which means, that horse has not been cared for properly, at all.

When Jesus said to his disciples You must be very tiredhe was giving them the proper aftercare every loving leader should do for their team.  They had been sent out on their very first mission without him present.  I can imagine them straining their faces and squinting their eyes  as they waved their arms trying to replicate even one of Jesusmiracles.  We know from the story that this particular mission failed.  In fact, they were unable to do one miracle while he was still alive.   And yet...he looked at them and did not have them turn in their punch cards.  He did not berate them because they left with water and came back with water rather than wine.  He looked at them and saw people he loved that had tried and tried their best, and were tired.  And so, IN ANTICIPATION of their SITUATION, he prepared a picnic for them on the shore.  

2020 put all of us through a grueling mud bog of a seemingly never ending marathon.  There is not one person I know who has not suffered some form of lossof a loved one, an ideal, or a cherished notion about how things ought to be.   And so, in this second month of a year full of multiple numerical palindrome dates, let us all take a breath, and realizewe have run a race.  We have survived.  We are tired.  And we need aftercare.

The best aftercare we can receive must be given to ourselves, as well as others.  We need to be gentle with our jagged edges, as well as those of others.  We need to realize that being still is not only a forced condition of quarantine, but rather the gift of recognizing the Presence of God in every single moment.

I write about many such moments in Jesus, CEO.  I hope you remember some of them from your previous reading of the book, or discover new ones in chapters like He Touched the Fragile Things.”  

Right now, however, I need to dry myself off, have a cup of hot tea and maybe, just maybe, 20 chocolate chips in a bowl. Because every woman knows chocolate soothes even the most ruffled soul.

LBJ ~ Live. Breathe. Joy. 

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