Roots. Boots. Wisdom.

contessa global wisdom warriors roots and boots

I am in my hometown of El Paso this weekend, connecting with family and many of my deepest roots.

I'm also writing a new book.  A new way of seeing wisdom through the eyes of Jesus and Holy Spirit. 

I am most comfortable in my blue jeans and boots, and cowgirl hat.  Maybe because this is one of the ways that Jesus came to me. He was wearing blue jeans. I wrote Jesus in blue jeans early on in my writing career. It was number three of fourteen.  In between my first book Jesus CEO and The Path I wrote a fiction book titled The Contessa Chronicles. I was thrilled when one reviewer called the Contessa Chronicles “C.S. Lewis brilliant.” The story of how Jesus (Jess) left the earth, giving the task to his twin sister Contessa (Tess), to be a comforting and guiding Spirit in the world (Wisdom).  The Spirit within her has been in the deepest part of my fabric, for oh so many years.  

There is this deep desire to shine a new light, a new direction, and a new theology on the wisdom that Jesus gave to us when he took his last breath. The writing is flowing. Thoughts come rapidly however, the vulnerable feelings and the unknown are present.  Maybe this is why I have asked women to join me at Table Conversations.  To hold this space and to shape what will come forth as we journey together over this next 12 months.  Birthing, shaping and calling forth the voice of wisdom.

I invite you to join me on this journey. It is not a journey for everyone but for most it is the heartbeat of our feminine soul to spend these next twelve months together and discover the Spirit of Wisdom within us and for all.  I pray that the investment you will make in this community will find its way back to you in ways that we can only imagine at the moment.  I pray that the outpouring and flow of my heart and words will be a sustainable gift to your soul.

Follow this link to my website then to the Wisdom Warrior tab to connect with us as we make our way forward each week around the table for deep conversations, wisdom connection, and the heartbeat of our very existence. To hold both Jesus and Spirit in our hands and in our conversations.  This band of women is real treasure. It means the world to me to meet at this Table with each one present. As Zoom continues to allow us to connect from around the globe, I am grateful for each one of you. Feel free to join this journey with me and this band of wisdom warriors. 


From my roots and boots, Laurie Beth