To Rise is to Create Movement

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Perhaps you are being called to go elsewhere. Many of the people who ended up being God’s heroes had to relocate, including Moses, Joseph, Abraham, Nehemiah, Paul, and more. The list is long of people whose gifts were needed in different geographical locations.

Is your boss calling you to relocate or transfer?

Is God?

Sometimes indirect transfers are called something else, like being “laid off” or “fired.” (For Joseph, it involved kidnapping and prison sentences, so hopefully yours is slightly less traumatic.)

It has been said that “geography is destiny.” Look around at your particular geographical location and ask yourself and God, Is this where I can best serve and use my gifts? Or do I need to look elsewhere?

I recently read a quote by D. H. Lawrence who moved to New Mexico after a visit to the artist Georgia O’Keeffe. He was transformed by this geographical shift. He said, “When I first saw the sun coming over the horizon in Santa Fe, something stood up in my soul, and I began to pay attention.”

Are you being called to a new place, a place in which you can better pay attention to the story of your life.  Or are you being called to pay attention to the power and majesty of the geography around you, right now?  Sometimes we live in a place so long, we cease to see the beauty and gifts that surround us.