Where is Our Spirit

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Despite all our external successes, the United States is statistically the most depressed, suicidal, voluntarily sedated and drugged nation in the world. Millions of us have not found the beating in our hearts. Where is our passion? Where is our Spirit?


What is it you would do even if you weren’t paid to do so? What are you involved in that throws you into a state of absolute concentration and timelessness?


While these are questions that I often ponder as I write, think and reflect about life and the world we live in, I also understand that there are ways to hear the voice of the Spirit calling and moving me forward.  Not away from seeing the world, but moving towards the openings and the cracks to express more light.  


In a few weeks I will begin sharing more about light, wisdom, and how to hear the voice of God.  I have made it my life’s mission to ‘recognize, promote, and inspire Divine Connection in myself and others.’  To cast light into the cracks and crevices of our lives and to emerge with connected hearts for the work of love and grace in the world.


Consider joining the event on October 15 as I gather women who desire to hear how Wisdom will shape our souls to hear the voice above the noise.



Dear God, rekindle in me Your sense of urgency, excitement, and power. Let me be like the war horse, pawing the field, eager to engage in Your holy work. Fill me with the divine impatience Jesus had. Give me the courage of the horse that laughs at fear, recoils before no sword, and trembles at nothing.





EXCLUSIVE VIP EXPERIENCE will close October 1st. Register today or reply to this email with questions or thoughts about the Wisdom event.




If you haven’t signed up to join the  ‘Her Strategy is Wisdom event I invite you to get some thunder in your hooves, feel the thunder, and paw the dirt!  

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