Why Jesus CEO Now?

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Why Jesus CEO Now?

What would be the value of a book that is an owner’s manual for anyone in a leadership position today?  One that is based not on trends or fads but on ancient wisdom....one that is full of short chapters, humor, real world examples, probing questions, and has blessed more than one million readers over the last 25 years?
One that is written from a female perspective?  (Indeed, it is one one of the very few business leadership books written from a woman’s perspective.)

Ok.  Here is what I know.   I wrote this book, not from an ivory tower view but from a “I am both flying the plane and building it” at the same time perspective.  I was a business owner at the time.  Am still a business owner 25 years later.

Leaders are paid to make decisions.  And you are kidding yourself if you think data makes decisions.  Data is a tool, a valuable tool.  But data doesn’t drive results.  People do.    And people don’t usually make decisions based on data.  Share this link / Pre-Order Jesus CEO

People (we) make decisions based on personal history, jagged memories,  anecdotes, moods, low points, high points, pain points, and hardly ever on power points.  And if you’ve ever heard yourself say something and suddenly realize “I am my mother or father after all” you will realize that when push comes to shove, as it often does in leadership, you will default back to a role model that you saw making a decision in a similar circumstance, for good or for bad.

Jesus was a working man.  He left an established career and launched out into the unknown with a yearning to do things differently.  He recruited his neighborhood friends to help him.  He took the only tools he had at his disposal—his brain and his heart and his hands and his feet—and set out to change the world.  Oh yes, I almost forgot.  His soul.  He took his soul with him everywhere he went.  In fact, that was the tool he used the most in both long and short range strategic thinking.

His leadership model still remains intact as a guide to help others master their own demons, as well as those of others around them. He  showed us how to overcome  invisible yet potent obstacles to get to higher ground.  He let his life be his legacy.

As a leader, are you searching for a new tool?  A new way of doing things in a confusing world full of chaos and change?
Take a look at this Jesus, CEO.  You might find an answer or two in it.  Millions already have.
May you also be one of them.  And if you like the results, go tell your friends.  That’s what Jesus said to do.
Amen and amen.

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