Wisdom for Every Season

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Her Strategy is Wisdom Event October 15, 2022.

Wisdom events are designed with her schedule in mind.  A quarterly check-in for your personal, relational, leadership and spiritual capacity. Designed to engage your spirit and bring calm to your voice and mission.  No overwhelm.

We can't focus on every aspect of our lives all at the same time.  We need periods of reflection, peace, and calm in between as we dive deeper into wisdom for the mind, body and spirit.

Giving women space to adapt to their internal clocks and calendars and understand their own desire and need for focus and intention is how we desire to live as well.  Not chasing. Resting in between the seasons.

There are four Wisdom events slated over the next twelve months.  Time set aside to discover what Wisdom has to teach us, say to us, and call us forth to reveal in action and justice.

Listen to what your soul and mind need....  

I have been writing about the 4 P’s of Wisdom (Presence, Personal, Prompting, Position Prophetically) as a way to empower the voice of women to see Wisdom within themselves and in the world.  I will focus on the first “P” (Presence) at the October 15 event.  I invite you to take part as I lead, teach, and shape how to hear the voice of Wisdom above the noise in our world today.

Here’s the link.  Twenty-eight Days!