Wisdom Manifesto

one gift jesus gave us spirit of wisdom wisdom manifesto

Here is a taste of what I talked about at the October 15 Her Strategy is Wisdom Event.

I thought it might be fun to put it out to you in the form of a quick assignment, followed by a pop quiz.


As you read these words, which represent the Spirit of Wisdom, ask yourself how and if they differ from the essence of Jesus at all.  


And P.S.  Spirit, in the original Hebrew, is a Feminine noun.


Wisdom Manifesto


“Within her is a spirit intelligent, holy, unique, 

manifold, subtle, 

active, incisive, unsullied, 

lucid, invulnerable,

benevolent, shrewd, irresistible, 

beneficent, friendly to all, 

steadfast, dependable, unperturbed, 

almighty, all-surveying, 

penetrating all intelligent, pure and most subtle spirits. 


She is quicker to move than any motion. 

She is so pure, she pervades and permeates all things.


She is the breath of the power of God, 

pure emanation of the glory of the almighty, 

so nothing impure can find its way into her.


She is a reflection of the eternal light, 

untarnished mirror of God's active power, and image of all goodness. 


Although alone, she can do all. 

Herself unchanging, she makes all thinks new. 

She turns people into God's friends and prophets. 

She is indeed more splendid than the sun and outshines all the constellations. 

She deploys her strength from one end of the world to the other, 

and she governs the whole world for its good.” New Jerusalem Bible, Book of Wisdom 7:22-30


Now, having read that, if you are a woman, wouldn’t you want to be her?

And if you are man, wouldn’t you want to know her?


Jesus did.

In fact, the Holy Feminine Spirit of God was the One gift Jesus gave us, to guide us going forward.


The choice to recognize her, listen to her, and seek her out, is ours.