Global Wisdom Warriors..

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A Community of Women who desire to learn from Laurie Beth about the importance of Ancient Wisdom and it’s significant role for todays Women Leaders.






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Her Strategy is Wisdom.


As we open the doors to the Her Strategy is Wisdom Events we will make knowledge and wisdom a priority.  I look forward to creating and growing a community of Wisdom Warriors who are equipped in Spirit and in Truth as we move from one event to the next armed with greater understanding and insight.  To build upon the 4 P’s of Wisdom and anchor our learning inside a community of diverse voices and lived experiences.  Come join the event and adventure!  I plan to make this fun, engaging, and a place of deep appreciation for the work of Wisdom within us and in our world. 


Throughout history the sword has been seen as a symbol of leadership, liberty, and strength.  Wisdom is active, incisive, unsullied, and sharp.  I purchased a sword a few weeks ago from Amazon as a reminder to my warrior side that my work here is not yet finished.  I also purchased Wisdom bracelets for those who are helping to shape this community as an additional reminder of the Spirit within her.  


Global Wisdom Warriors are leaders who actively and with precision cut away the lies and myths which have bound themselves and others in grave clothes for so long.  It takes time to shed the past and keep the golden moments that have been refined even as by fire.  This community of wisdom warriors will be a safe place to lay down your burdens and your armor.


The Spirit of Wisdom is within us, created and imbedded in our very DNA.  Our lives are an expression of that which we believe ourselves to be.

Jesus encouraged his followers to prepare themselves for the journey ahead with a money bag, a backpack, and a sword.  He said this journey was necessary for him to complete and fulfill his mission.  Luke 22:36-38

He also said the work of the Spirit was to complete what he came here to do. What if the Spirit of Wisdom could be infused into you?  How would you see yourself?  How would your life change?

As I help to shape the Global Wisdom Warrior Community I invite you to consider the questions in the previous paragraph and then decide where the Spirit is leading you.

~ Laurie Beth