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Bring your journal, notes, questions, insights, wisdom, and years of learning and longing.  There are gems and jewels tucked away inside those covers waiting to be revealed, reimagined, and released.  Some of my journals have become books, thoughts and ideas for new books, filled with pieces of my life and story.  

I want this online community to be a space where your personal, relational, leadership, and spiritual life is seen, known, held, and valued.  Each week we will make it a priority to bring one of these four areas of life to Table. You will always walk away with a journal entry that means something to you on your path of life.

I have been part of circles and groups where the message to women and towards women has been to be silent, take a lesser role, and not to teach or preach.  And yet the voice within her is being called forth to be active, unsullied, and sharp. What started early for me in many of my journal writings and promptings was how to make the Voice known.  Some tried to cancel my voice about Jesus as a role model.  I kept writing, speaking, teaching and sharing.  So can you.

The mission of the Divine Holy Spirit has been a voice, a presence, and a yearning for others to know Jesus.

At this Table we will look even deeper than what many of my books have already expressed about ancient wisdom and visionary leadership. We will look within and invite the Spirit within us to a deeper level of knowing our voice and how to distinguish it from noise.  I had to.  I am here to teach you what I have learned.

The voice within you is asking you to Rise, Risk, and Roar.  I have committed the remainder of 2022 and all of 2023 to invest in your personal, relational, leadership and spiritual growth AND to Rise, Risk and Roar with you.

Bring your journal(s) and meet me at the Table!


A monthly membership includes the following:

  • Learn how Ancient Wisdom is part of your DNA
  • Learn why the Feminine Voice is important to the work of the Spirit
  • Learn how ‘How to hear the Voice above the Noise”
  • Connect with Laurie Beth and her body of work on Ancient Wisdom as Best-Selling author and Business Owner
  • Get a Dose of Wisdom each week from Laurie Beth that will empower your voice
  • Access to insights, ideas and playful ways that Laurie will teach us how Wisdom is Gods delight
  • Personal growth tools using The Path, Path Elements, The Manifesto, Core Values, and Personal Vision
  • Relational growth tools using the Four Elements of Success, Path Elements Assessment, and resources for home and work
  • Leadership growth tools using Jesus as a role model for drafting your leadership manifesto
  • Spiritual growth tools using Jesus as Coach and Laurie’s Everyday Spirituality resources
  • Discussions with Laurie Beth and her Team at Table Conversations
  • Earn Path Element Assessment Credits to share with friends and family.  Earn your first one when you become a member. ($28 Value for each one earned)
  • Notes, creative ideas and first draft releases as Laurie moves them into the community
  • Conversations and engagement every week around Wisdom, Spirit, and How to Hear the Voice above the Noise with Laurie Beth and Table Leaders.
  • Be at the forefront of Jesus CEO Institute / Academy 
  • Table Conversations with Laurie Beth will be recorded and accessible in the member community. You can access and listen on the go!
  • Become a Founding Member and lock in the current monthly price as a lifetime member

Join Table Conversations each Wednesday and bring your journal, wisdom, insights, and deep longings to engage on a personal level with women who are seeking, learning, and living into their divine purpose and calling.

Once you secure your Membership you will gain access to the community, topics, event information, Table Conversation access, and connection with women around the globe plus Laurie Beth! 


[ This Online Community is for those who are seeking Wisdom, Spirit, Leadership, Relationships, and a Place to embrace and practice the Spiritual life using Laurie Beth’s content and tools. The Online Community can be cancelled at any time.]

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