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How To Hear the Voice Above the Noise Event General Admission

This is the second 'How To Hear the Voice Above the Noise’ Event with Laurie Beth!  Reserve your (virtual) seat, invite a friend!  February 18, 2023 9:30 am - 11:30 pm PST.

What you'll get:

  • Admission to the Virtual Live Event with Laurie Beth
  • Keynote Speaker Session with Laurie Beth
  • Panel Presentation Session with Laurie Beth and Company
  • Path Elements Assessment with each ticket purchased
  • One month free access to Laurie’s Writings paid subscribers only content
  • Event Handout and one chapter from Laurie’s manuscript that she will be sharing from during the event for your reading pleasure

Once you have made your purchase you will receive an email confirming your ticket reservation, dates and times for the event and updates leading up to the February 18, 2023 event with Laurie Beth.

 What you can expect:

I look forward to sharing this time with you and bringing this framework as a tool for how to discern the Voice from the Noise.  There are two of seven Points of Discernment that I will be sharing at the February 18 event.  I want to spread the remaining Points of Discernment out over the next two events that will follow in the upcoming events of 2023.  It will give you opportunity to practice and apply them in your life, relationships, and teams.

Bring your Path Elements Assessment results.  Be sure to print out all 14 pages of your report and review them prior to the event.  Once you register for the event you will receive the assessment via email.  Follow the instructions and it will take you about 15 minutes to complete the assessment.  This tool is one that you can use to begin to discern the Voice above the Noise in your life.  We will start from where you are because that is your created homing balance.  Seeing yourself Elementally is the beginning step of discerning the Voice from the Noise.

So to wrap up, you will participate and interact with this information about how to distinguish the Voice above the Noise elementally and how that impacts where you are currently in your life.  I will also deliver two of the seven Points of Discernment:  1) How the Voice will ask you to Consider the Times and 2) How the Voice will ask you to Consider the source.  I invite you to join me on this important journey. Invite a friend who needs to learn how to reduce the noise in their life as well.  We are all dealing with and processing a barrage of noise.  Having these Points of Discernment and Elemental Traits of your Voice will give you concrete ways to distinguish the Voice in fresh and impacting ways.

From ‘How to Hear the Voice Above the Noise’ manuscript by Laurie Beth Jones:

The Voice may ask you to face down your fears....fears which have kept you in the shadows.

It is asking you to Grab the Wire.

People who tap into the creative source often say things like

“I lost myself in the music.”

“I don’t know where those words were coming from.”

“I’ve been wrestling with this problem for years and suddenly it just came to me in a lightning flash...”

The Voice asked them to grab the Wire.

Grabbing the Wire doesn’t mean doing something physically dangerous... like filming yourself free flying between skyscrapers.

Grabbing the Wire doesn’t mean you seek notoriety or fame or acclaim for your daredevil act.

It means you reach for a power source higher than your own, and be willing to hold onto it.”



[ Virtual tickets are non-refundable the week of the event but can be used for a future event]