Ancient Wisdom for our Modern Context


Our mission is to produce products and programs that inspire divine connection. Our purpose is to challenge, stimulate, uplift and support thought leaders and decision makers in the seven pillars of society. These are business, health care, education, churches and other faith based organizations, government and global leaders, the mass media, the disenfranchised.  We embrace and support compassionate Christianity, which emphasizes relationship over religion. We refuse to be divided by doctrinal differences and respect each individual's unique connection with God, which may or may not yet be fully realized. We believe unequivocally that Jesus is who he said he is, and that the only groups he said we need be wary of are those whose hearts are filled with self righteousness. Our single abiding principle is to love God with all our hearts, and mind and soul and strength and our neighbor as ourselves. We endeavor to have everyone we touch, identify and implement their highest mission and gifts. We pray that through our work that you will have a direct experience of God and in so doing become more fully alive. 


I invite and encourage you to pull forward this year and allow ancient wisdom to become your compass for this time, season, and space.  To allow the breath and wind of Spirit to deposit new life into your bones so they can live and live well.


Join me and others who are on this journey as we seek wisdom for our times and embrace the divine connection of our calling. 


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