Ancient Wisdom for our Modern Context


How to Hear the Voice Above the Noise is a working manuscript that I hope to publish this year.  I say ‘working manuscript’ because while it is completed in many ways, I am still hearing the Voice speak in ways that surprise and delight me.  Not necessarily the audible voice of God or the brushing wind of Spirit, but the more subtle ways that my Fire-Wind personality leans in to something I witnessed. Or the way the sunset dropped perfectly in front of me.  Or a kite dangling at the edge of the shoreline.  

There’s a message still brewing within me and might I add, within you.  It bubbles up and finds its way and can disappear just as quickly but never quite leaves our view.  We all must find our voice and learn how to distinguish the Voice Above the Noise in this world.  


I have been listening and writing about the Voice, Jesus, and Spirit in many shapes and forms as my books have made their way forth to be published over the last twenty-five years.  This one I am holding now has my attention for our times. I want to continue writing in order to speak to our current times with wisdom.


Gathering with those in this community to share chapters and insights is priceless.  Having a place as an author to lay a string of thoughts on the table and breath life into the writing process has been a beautiful and enriching experience.  After fifteen books this is a first for me and yet the manuscript keeps breathing in new and meaningful ways.


I invite and encourage you to pull forward this year and allow ancient wisdom to become your compass for this time, season, and space.  To allow the breath and wind of Spirit to deposit new life into your bones so they can live and live well.  To bring the sacred and the Holy of your inner most life and practices to rest in the Presence of God.


Join me and others who are on this journey as we seek wisdom for our times and embrace the divine connection of our calling. 


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