No Greater Need Than Now.

Jesus CEO: 25th Anniversary Edition

The book that shifted leadership conversations around the world.

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Jesus CEO


As Women Leaders we have a chance, here and now, to create something better than before.

We need, like Jesus, to guard our energy. 

We need to aim for what is noble, not just profitable. 

We need to become turn-around specialists, seeking better ways of doing things.

We need to break ranks and be bold.  We need leaders who recognize that we are all connected in a chain of interdependence.


Nobody wins until we all win.


Jesus empowered Women.

Order Jesus, CEO from your favorite book vendor

the Voice of Women


The word rise is used more than 164 times in the Bible. It is the foundational premise of Christianity. It is the essence of everything Jesus says, teaches, and does. (It is also considered a feminine word form in the original Hebrew.) And yet, do we rise? Sure, we may get up in the morning and begin trudging through our days, but do we truly rise, into our fullness, our magnificence, our glory?

I am wondering if you have truly risen into your giftedness. Are you aware of the many gifts created in you, for you to express and enjoy?

Or are you trudging along in your career, unable even to make eye contact with your boss lest he or she notice and fire you?

Are you laboring in a parallel career, one which lets you get close enough to smell the artist’s oils and frame her paintings yet can’t take up the paintbrush yourself?

Are you laboring in an uninspiring job, thinking that your lot in life is just to make enough to get by?

Then you need a jolt of relationships, (S)tories and grace, at Table Conversations this week, because the God of you, in you, says, “Arise!”


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