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What if wisdom is the new dispensation, and not just any wisdom, but wisdom that especially embraces acknowledges and pours forth the feminine divine spirit and values of God?


Ruach, the feminine Breath of God.

Shekinah the feminine presence of God.


Spirit, the inventor of lucidity of thought, the one who conceived Christ in the first place, the one who anointed people with special powers to heal and nurture and thrive.


Spirit, the one sent to us all as advocate, lawyer, comforter and guide.


Spirit the same as Logos, Word who herself never changing makes all things new.


Let us move beyond the dualities of them versus us, me versus you, me versus my own self in God.


Let us begin together a new this day to move into this day, this time, like the light we are, the light we have been given in our own unique spiritual DNA.


God plus woman equals Jesus.


This is who we are and who we are called to be. Wisdom like light is both a wave in motion as well as infinite particles containing packets of power.


That is what we shall be exploring at Her Strategy is Wisdom Events.  How to hear, as well as be, the voice above the noise.

Come join us all are welcome. Register to reserve your seat!


Calling All Wisdom Warriors

In all you do, be the master.  And do not spoil the honor that is rightly yours.

~ Laurie Beth Jones