No Greater Need Than Now.

Jesus CEO: 25th Anniversary Edition

The book that shifted leadership conversations around the world is now available.

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Jesus CEO


"Leaders have a chance, here and now, to create something better than before.

We need, like Jesus, to guard our energy. 

We need to aim for what is noble, not just profitable. 

We need to become turn-around specialists, seeking better ways of doing things.

We need to break ranks and be bold.  We need leaders who recognize that we are all connected in a chain of interdependence." 


Jesus knew that nobody wins until we all do.

Order Jesus, CEO from your favorite book vendor

the VOW

As the 25th Anniversary Edition of Jesus,CEO launches we are creating a space for the Voice of Women (VOW) to launch as well.  A place to gather where we can unravel the cloths that have bound the Feminine Voice.  Add your name for more information about the VOW grassroots journey and Table Conversations.

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Jesus Empowered Women