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Seeking Wisdom Warriors


While some of us may view Wisdom as a serene, placid, static statue calmly surveying her surroundings in silence, our studies of Wisdom will reveal another side to her—another facet to explore. A warrior.

As I study the Wisdom Manifesto I have learned the following:

Wisdom is WITHIN her.
She is a state of being, with 20 descriptor words.
She has 10 action words, 12 phrases, and only 1 enemy.

Wisdom penetrates, is quick to move, pervades, permeates, does all, makes, turns, outshines, deploys, and governs.

She has 3x the spirit, 2x the intelligence, 2x the subtlety, 2x the Almightiness, 2x the purity, and 2x the action of any hero you can imagine.

She has 5x the Light of any “lit” thing. In fact, she is more splendid than the sun. She outshines ALL the constellations.

Wisdom is a pure “Emanation” of the Glory of the Almighty. I looked up the word emanation and it means coming from Source, as a principle unfurling itself.

Here are the Warrior words: Active. Incisive. Unsullied. Invulnerable. Sharp. Steadfast. Dependable. Unperturbed. All surveying. Deploying her strength from one end of the world to another. And, when all is done, she Governs the whole world for its good.

What is Wisdom’s only enemy? What is the territory she must take and hold?

Come join us on the journey. It will be a challenge to go deeper than you have ever gone, and we know and trust that you will emerge victorious, Shining for all to see.

Calling All Wisdom Warriors

In all you do, be the master.  And do not spoil the honor that is rightly yours.

~ Laurie Beth Jones